Rent a Dumpster Bin for Fall!

fall cleaning

We’ve been doing it for years, but does it really make any sense? Every spring we decide to rent out a waste removal bin and clear everything out of our homes. But spring marks the beginning of warm weather- time to get outside; go on road trips, go camping, ride bikes and have dinner on the patio. Most of us spend our time indoors during autumn and winter, wouldn’t it make more sense to do your ‘spring’ cleaning during the fall? Of course, spring is a popular time to start fresh, throw open the windows and clean out your house, garage, and yard, but we would like to testify that fall is an even better time to do the same thing.

Fall is Just Another Spring

Autumn weather can be compared to spring weather based on the mild temperatures that don’t usually dip until mid-November. This gives you a lot of time to organize your things, and throw away what you don’t need.

You’re Going to Have to Get Used to Being Inside

This is probably the best reason you’d want to get your cleaning done in the fall rather than the spring. In regards to the coronavirus pandemic, along with seemingly how never-ending our Canadian winters can be- and a lot of us will be taking this time to hibernate and social distance in our comfortable homes. Why not take the opportunity to declutter, and organize now and enjoy a neater more comfortable home all winter. 

Think of it this way, any time is a good time to declutter and make your home overall, more enjoyable. But, if you get a lot of cleaning and decluttering done now, you may not have as much to do when spring rolls around!

What do I do with all my Junk?

Rent a Disposal Bin – This one may seem pretty obvious but there are so many pros to renting a disposal bin from Lancaster Bins. It is such an easy process; the bin is delivered to your home, left until you fill it, and then removed. We have all types of bin sizes for all your disposal needs, and our professionals are always a call away in case you need some guidance. But, perhaps best of all, your renovation debris will be disposed of responsibly. Disposal bin rentals let you be environmentally friendly and save time while doing it. It’s the best choice!

Recycle – Yes, Recycle. One of the 3 R’s that we’ve been hearing about for years. It probably means some trips to the dump but recycling isn’t only limited to actually going to the dump and recycling items. You can always donate items that still have some life in them or maybe your old items can become the center of a new art piece. Either way, recycling is good for both you and the environment.

If you reside in the Hamilton area and are in need of a dumpster rental bin, contact Lancaster Bins or visit our website today, we will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have, and help fight